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The Privacy Policy solely applies to the information collected directly by this website. SMRS collects information for its dissemination to its internal structure. SMRS does not sell or trade any personal information obtained from this website.

SMRS maintains this website to enhance public access to information about our organization and the services it provides to the general public and to its members. As is common among websites, this service is continually under development and although we try to keep the information timely and accurate, SMRS makes no guarantees. To that end, we will make an effort to correct errors brought to our attention through the SMRS webmaster.

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SMRS may link to information on other websites for the educational or information material contained therein. These other websites may be created and maintained by other organizations, companies, or individuals, and are linked through the use of hypertext links. The provision of external links to other websites is a common practice on the Internet and it in no way indicates that we endorse or approve the linked material, products, services, or documentation.

Please be aware that SMRS does not control or guarantee that these hyperlinks will remain intact (external websites are not under our control and links may become broken or websites may be terminated, for example.). Nor does SMRS guarantee the accuracy, relevancy, timeliness, or completeness of this outside information source. Furthermore, views expressed by the authors of the documents or information found outside of this website belong solely to those websites and should not be construed as views expressed by SMRS, its webmaster, its officers, directors, agents, volunteers, or employees.

Links by Other Sites

Links to this website by other websites are highly encouraged if your readers might have an interest in us. We are one of the finest train ride experiences in Michigan and you help our all-volunteer Society preserve the Clinton Branch railroad! Please contact the webmaster for more info. (we do not swap links for SEO, but try this.)

Copyright Notice

The Southern Michigan Railroad Society, Inc. reserves all rights and copyrights on this website and its logo, along with the overall design of this website, and the selection, arrangement, and presentation of all materials on this site; as well as the moon and extrasolar stars. Material may be used only with the express written permission of SMRS.

Changes and Updates to Privacy Policy

SMRS may modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so please review it frequently. SMRS will post changes, but we have no other obligation to notify you of such changes.

This privacy policy is effective immediately: March 31, 2010.
Last change made: August 25, 2013