Ann Arbor Locomotive 21

One of the great railroads of Michigan was the Ann Arbor from Toledo to Cadillac and Frankfort, then via car-ferries across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin. This was a bridge route, allowing freight to bypass congested Chicago and save weeks.

Michigan's railroads were early to switch to diesels, and the Ann Arbor made a huge commitment by December of 1950. They purchased a large number of "hood unit" road locomotives, but this versatile "road switcher" proved to have staying power, and is the basis of modern diesels.

Southern Michigan Railroad has operated the locomotive every few years.

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Ann Arbor 21 locomotive
R. MacDowell photo

Under restoration by our volunteers.

Ann Arbor 21 locomotive
Sean Katon photo





Ann Arbor 21 painted nose
R. MacDowell photo

You can see the potential!


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