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You can just and we will happily add you by hand. We do not currently have a method to self-signup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is signup so complicated?

It's ridiculous! About 25% of subscribers never finish the process. We're sorry to lose them, but we don't have a choice. It's because of the backlash against spam - email providers absolutely require this, under threat of blacklisting.

Truth be told, most mailers require this "double opt-in", they just don't tell what to expect. You probably deal with these confirm emails all the time. You know it's legit, because it arrived just after you asked for it. The link will take you to, which is the web server of our email provider,

How often will you send emails?

1-3 times a month during the operating season, hardly at all during winter.

Does it really help to go to e-mail?

Heavens, yes! Our little nonprofit spends nearly 4% of our total budget on mailing and postage. It really does help. Please provide your name so we can take you off the postal mail list.

Why do you use a professional email provider?

Because they have the skill and staff to have relationships with the big email houses like Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, MSN, Comcast, AT&T etc. to make sure we're kept off the automated anti-spam blacklists. We use VerticalResponse, which is very kind to nonprofits.

About those traditional, US Mail mailings

Where did you get my address?
You signed our guestbook, or reserved for one of our trains, or asked for info.
Can I get off the postal mail list?

Of course! Call us practical, but we don't want to be a bother, and we like saving postage. Drop us a phone call or email, give us your address so we are sure which person to delete.

Can I stay ON the postal mail list?

Yes. We know email is not for everyone. However we don't send nearly as often.

For a volunteer group, your postcards look strangely professional. Why?

We have some smart volunteers who get geeky about mailing list technology. It's mostly to avoid wasting stamps to bad addresses (over and over). About 90% of the work is entering and cleaning the mailing list... stamps and labels are easy!

What sort of techniques do your volunteers use?

If an address looks possibly wrong, a volunteer might look up the ZIP+4, which also checks the address. We might look in the white pages if unclear on someone's name.
2013's Fall Color postcard was printed on a traditional press with ink. Then, they all went through a laser printer to add your address. 2012's Fall Color postcard was sent to a mail house called Click2Mail, which does it all for about 5 cents more than the stamp alone.

Help us say Aloha to postage!