The ever-changing COVID-19 situation may result in changes to capacity or schedule. We strongly recommend people plan for an earlier summer ride, so you don't end up disappointed if rules are tightened! We must comply with all county Health Department, TSA and FRA regulations.

2021 Santa Specials

This is a simple, small-town event with a kid-friendly price. We keep the event deliberately small, so it goes smoothly without big lines. (or a big price.) Tickets do tend to sell out.

However, this is a significantly expanded train ride and experience. You'll have a 30 minute train ride, about an hour seeing Santa, and a 30-minute train ride back.

Dress for the weather! Seriously! You may be standing outside awhile. While the coach and caboose are fully enclosed, please consider this a Michigan outdoor activity!

These historic rail cars (69 and 90 years old) are NOT heated, though we may break out propane heaters to take the edge off if it's really cold. DO dress for the weather!

A note for Parents ONLY

This ride is 30 minutes one way. We depart Tecumseh and arrive in Clinton to see Santa. Every trip meets Santa, and you have all the time you need with the big guy. Our railroad is real, so it's a straight line not a loop. After you see Santa, you will board the train and head back to Tecumseh. The train ride takes about 30 minutes back to Tecumseh.

Don't arrive too early - just 15 minutes early will do. We under book this train on purpose, so you don't have to scramble for a seat.


DATES:Nov. 27 & 28, Dec. 4 & 5, 11 & 12, 18 & 19

TIMES: 11:00 AM, 1:30 pm, 4:30 pm

DEPARTS: Downtown Tecumseh. West Chicago and Evans St. Set your GPS for 112 N Evans St, but don't go inside - the train boards on the sidewalk in front of The Quilt Patch. If you have a large group (over 25), please call or email the business office, prepayment is required so plan early.

You can Book here.

Tickets will appear on your credit card statement as Fareharbor.

WALK-UPS are not recommended as we don't have much slack without the open-air car. But who knows? We got balmy weather in 2015, so we used the open-air car and people loved it. Watch for an announcement on our email list or Facebook.

CANCELLATIONS are rare but can happen, especially in extreme cold. Please Provide Phone Numbers and Emails you will actually check/answer the day of the trip and enroute to the train. Please also stay open to contact - check your email and do answer unrecognized numbers, as we typically split the call list among many volunteers and they are all using personal phones.

WEATHER REFUNDS are a semi-new policy on the Santa trains. That's based on our experiences in 2016-17, and how we handle the open-air car in the sumer. A trip will be eligible for refunds if the weather is significantly worse than "normal" early December weather, according to the <24 hour forecast. We generally announce this on our Facebook page. The train will still run -- but we'll "turn on the refund light". At that point, contact us within 48 hours after train time, and refund no problem. Or if you can tell us honestly you don't feel comfortable traveling or your family can't take the cold, that'll be fine too.

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Mobility limitations? Please see our Accessibility page.